Flex-Face/Backlit Vinyl


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Material Matters

We use the highest quality 20 oz. flex-face/backlit vinyl on the market. Others may try to use 15 oz. or 18 oz., but we want your sign to last as long as possible. We hate to see any sign fail to stand the test of time and/or Mother Nature.

Double-Sided Printing

Your backlit sign or awning needs to catch attention during the day and night. Using the latest digital technology, we print our 20 oz. flex-face/backlit vinyl on both sides. Why? To maximize the color density and vibrancy, so the graphics do not wash out when the lights are on at night.

Superb HD Image Quality

Experience high-definition printing with our latest technology showcasing a 7 picaliter droplet size and resolution up to 1200 dpi. Because our flex-face/backlit vinyl is manufactured with whiteners for a truer white point, our graphics showcase excellent color protection, vibrancy, smoothness, and fine text details.

Extreme Durability

Our flex-face/backlit vinyl material is treated with ultraviolet stabilizers, fungicides, and a special topcoat formulation that enhances color protection, cleanability, and durability in various weather climates. We also apply a layer of liquid UV Clearcoat on top of the graphic for extra protection and longevity.

Going Big Up to 196"

Size does not matter with our unique digital printing technology. We can produce flex-face/backlit vinyl up to 196" (16' 3") by the necessary length.

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