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Let Us Handle Almost Everything

We do not own any billboard structures, but we are one of the few companies who can design and print billboards in-house. Once approved and printed, we will then ship your billboard vinyl to your billboard company of choice for installation. It is an easy transaction that will save you money!

Material Matters

We use the highest quality 8.5 oz. billboard vinyl on the market. Others may try to use 7 oz. or a lesser ounce PE, but we want your billboard to look its best for the duration of your contract posting. We hate to see billboard vinyls hanging loose on structures because an improper vinyl was used.

Superb HD Image Quality

Experience high-definition printing with our latest technology showcasing a 7 picaliter droplet size and resolution up to 1200 dpi. Billboards are meant to grab attention and our printed billboard vinyls do just that. We use an outdoor grade and weather tested ink that delivers exceptional color vibrancy that will be sure to turn the heads of those viewing the billboard.

Extreme Durability

Our 8.5 oz. billboard vinyl was engineered specifically for billboard structures. It has superior strength to withstand normal weather conditions, but flexibility to make those billboard installers happy with an easier and faster install. There is nothing like fighting a rigid billboard vinyl 30 ft. in the air!

Going Big Up to 196"

Size does not matter with our unique digital printing technology. We can produce 8.5 oz. billboard vinyls up to 196" (16' 3") tall by the necessary length. All billboard vinyls are heat seamed at 1200 degrees to form the pockets.

For those extra large billboards, we can heat seam pieces together to produce enormous sizes. We recently produced a 20' x 60'!

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